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The Complications Of HPV

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most sexually transmitted infections in the world. With this viral infection, men and women can both contract it, and in some cases, never be aware they have it. The most common way that this virus is transmitted is through sexual intercourse, which leads into the most highly infected area, the genital area. This virus has been known to cause various complications if left untreated for too long, such as genital warts, and over several types of cervical cancer.

One of the first misconceptions of the human papillomavirus is that it is a sexually transmitted disease. This is not true, for it is considered a sexually transmitted infection. The reason for its particular categorization is because it is something that can be cured if caught in time. One of the many reasons why people have been known to be unaware of having HPV is because there are no real visible signs or symptoms that would elude to the issue. In this particular case, many people have passed on the virus to various partners and have not been aware of it. The best way for people to get tested for HPV is to get tested at your local clinic. There are tests that are able to tell a person if they have the infection or not. If they do, and the infected partner has had sexual relations with people within a certain span of time, the doctors will advise the person to inform them immediately to get tested. A person can go months without showing any signs of having HPV. In some cases, the virus has gone an extended amount of time and has been cured by the immune system. This happens in over half the cases doctors see. With other cases, when the disease goes untreated, there can be complications, where the virus begins to cause the infected person to have warts, and in some cases, a possible chance of developing cervical cancer.

In females, HPV has been known to cause cancer. The problem with HPV, especially for females, is that there are over forty types of HPV, and only so many vaccinations. Females are now being told, while teenagers, to begin taking a regiment of pills that will help in the prevention of HPV and developing cervical cancer. Another option for women is to take a vaccine. These vaccines are created to protect women from as many strands of HPV as they possibly can. When it comes to a female that has HPV, her doctor will inform her of what stage the virus is at. The levels range from a minor level, meaning it can be cured with a simple round of medication, to a major level, meaning that there is a greater chance of her receiving cervical cancer. The only way for a female to find out the prognoses of her situation is to see her gynecologist. There, the doctor will do a pap smear test that will give valuable information in order to help women better deal with HVP.

In men, there are hardly no signs of having HPV. If a male is told he has HPV, should immediately go for testing. The process is quick and painless. If a male comes back positive for HPV, the regiment for curing the virus is simple as taking a couple of pills. However, if the virus has had time to sit, there could be a chance the virus has gotten worse, and this is all dependent on the type of HPV the male has contracted. In some cases of males, untreated HPV has resulted in genital warts. The warts can range from being flat, round, or in the shape of cauliflower. The doctors who notice this during an examination will know what to do, as they will perform the proper procedure in removing them. With men, they too are liable in getting penile cancer if the disease is left too long without treatment. About forty percent of men who contract penile cancer find out that the cause of it is due to having HPV.

Many doctors will tell their patience who are sexually active the same thing, always wear the proper protection, be smart, and always get tested even if you know you don't have anything. HPV is known to some as the "silent virus" because so many have been unaware of having it, and have passed it on to other sexual partners. Another way to keep yourself safe from HPV is to educate yourself about it as well, for doctors have found that many of their patience have no idea what the virus is let alone its full name. Educating yourself and using protection is one of the best ways to keep yourself from ever having to deal with HPV.

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